Hold On, You Might Want To Hang Onto That!

  • August 24, 2017
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Whether you get your check in the mail or through direct deposit, one thing is certain you get that little piece of information called a paycheck stub. If you get a paper copy of your check stub in the mail, you are going to want to hang onto it, because check stubs have uses. Of course, if you use Check Stub Maker, your employees only have to keep an electronic copy of their check stub in their email. Before you decide to throw away or discard your check stubs, you need to know that they are important. Simply put, there are situations where you will need a copy of your check stub.

Reviewing your Check Stub

Before we get into the uses of your check stubs, one of the main reasons you should never simply throw away a check stub is because you will want to check to make certain it is correct. Make certain that all of your deductions are accounted for and that you are accumulating the correct amount of paid time off. It is also important to make certain you are getting paid the correct amount. No one is perfect, so you definitely want to review your check stubs. Now that you have reviewed your check stub and everything is in order, here are some of the times you will use your check stub.

Uses of Check Stubs

  • Getting a new driver’s license. That’s right, in some state you need to provide proof of residency in order to get your driver’s license renewed. Your check stub is a perfect tool for validating that you live where you say you live, and you are who you say you are.
  • Securing a home mortgage. Whenever you take out a loan, your lender is going to want to make certain you can afford to make a mortgage payment. Loaning agencies like banks and credit unions lend money, but they want to make certain you are not a risky borrower. It is not uncommon for your lending institution to ask for a year’s worth of paystubs. They want to verify that you are employed, have been employed, and that you have enough income to make the associated house payment. Having copies of your check stubs is vital. If you want to save your employees from having to keep a file folder of paper notes, Check Stub Maker can help you create professional check stubs that are electronic. Instead of using up valuable file cabinet space, all of their check stubs can be saved in their email.
  • Becoming a Renter. There is nothing wrong with not being a homeowner. If you decide that you would rather rent a place and let the landlord worry about maintenance, that great, just make certain you have your check stubs. That right, the same rules apply to being a renter as getting a mortgage. Many landlords will want to verify that you can pay rent before they will allow you to become a renter. They will want to see a few of your check stubs to verify that you will be a paying tenant.
  • Buying a car. If you decide it is time for a new car, and you need to take out a loan, you might find that you will need to show proof of employment in order to secure that car loan. Having copies of your check stubs will help you get your car loan easier and allow you to drive that new set of wheels.
  • Going to the Library. You can go to a library without having a check stub, but if you decide you want to have library card, the library will want to make certain you are a resident of the county or city. Here is where your check stub can come in to save the day. Your check stub will prove that you are indeed a resident and you will be able to read library books to your heart’s content.

Check Stub Maker

Now that you know the uses for your check stubs, make certain you hang onto them for a little bit. You never know when a situation will arise when you might need to have your check stub, so you might as well be prepared. If you want to make professional check stubs that are safe, secure, and can calculate all of the deductions and taxes with ease, you need Check Stub Maker.